Best Dash Cam For Truckers

Best Dash Cam For Truckers 2019 (Pickup Trucks + Semi Truck)

Are you unable to find whats the best dash cam for truckers 2019? we have a list of best dash cam for truck drivers to protect your fleet.

Best truckers dash cams are made specially for your fleet safety during your long road trips.

In this guide you can also find best dash cam for pickup trucks and best semi truck dash cam 2019.

You can also use this as front and rear dash cam while you are delivering your delivery.

Best Dash Cam For Truckers 2019

Sr. NoDash Cam NamePrice
1WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPSCheck Price
2Rexing V1 Dash Cam with G Senor Wide Angle Dashboard Camera RecorderCheck Price
3KDLINKS X1 GPS Enabled Full HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera RecorderCheck Price
4TOGUARD Dual Dash Cam for Truck Front and Rear View Backup CameraCheck Price
5ROAV by Anker Dash Cam C1, Recorder with Parking ProtectionCheck Price

Best Dash Cam For Pickup Trucks

#1. WheelWitness HD PRO Best Trucker Dash Cam with GPS

Whether you want to go back in time and reminisce on your favorite road trips or catch those unexpected moments, the WheelWitness is the perfect travel companion. But it can do so much more:

  • Automatic and continuous recording
  • Key evidence to dispute motor vehicle collision and any wrong-doing
  • Provides refutable video evidence to police, insurance companies and court.
  • Safety and protective mechanism against reckless drivers and people
  • Promote road safety and reduce road trauma through raising awareness
  • Analyse Speed / Time / Date and Location of driver using vehicle
  • Evidence of any on road activity (accidents, theft, pedestrian activity)

Day or night, sun or rain or driving through tunnels, you will be able to always get razor-sharp images, thanks to the WDR technology. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame in one shot. Combining multiple exposures, you will always enjoy an optimal night vision.

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